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Rot N Roll is a Danish social guild with no other requirements to its members than common decency.
We accept all character and skill levels, but are willing to share knowledge more than boosts.

Rot N Roll was founded by a group of old RL mates who were all playing TBC when it was retail. What this means is, that the core of the guild is stable as can be, and there will be no drama over loot in the leadership.

We're all adults with jobs, families, and other tiresome duties outside Azeroth. This means, that WoW isn't our top priority, and as such, we have no requirements to our members activity level. As a consequence, we're not a raiding guild. Should demand arise, arrangements for a raiding alliance will be made.
At the moment we're at the stage of doing normal and heroic dungeons, and the 5-man platform suits our activity level very well.

We're always on the lookout for more good members to join our ranks, and hope to see you in game.

Feel free to contact any one of our members online, and they'll redirect you to an officer.
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